Taking a trip back in time in Galle

A holiday in Sri Lanka would not be complete without a visit to Galle. It is mostly known as the location of the UNESCO Designated World Heritage Site, the historic Galle Fort. It is a well preserved historical functioning city that takes you back in time as you enter through the arched gateway. While you do immediately sense the city’s historic importance you are also instantly aware that it is a functioning city that thrives in the modern world. It feels like its own cosy community with its quaint shops, administrative offices, courts and restaurants. You will feel the appeal of the Galle Fort as life works to a different beat, with many of the original houses being converted into boutique hotels.

Galle Sri Lanka plays an important role in Sri Lanka tourism as both foreign and local tourists make the effort to visit this fascinating city. It was once the main port of Sri Lanka which was why both the Portuguese and the Dutch fortified it as a place of importance and owing to its natural location. It is said that its history goes back to the time of King Solomon, who used the port to transport his loot. The influences of the Colonial period are very evident throughout the well planned fort area, with its well paved walkways, churches and Dutch style houses. The fort wall was made with solid granite and contains three bastions of sun, moon and star. It is only when the British during their time gave the Galle Fort more of an administrative role that the use of the port declined.

For beach holidays Galle is ideal as the city is along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The Galle International Cricket Stadium throbs with life when cricket matches are held there. It is the capital of the southern province and is a main exporter of coconut oil and fibre, as well as tea and rubber. It is lovely to travel to Galle by train taking in the island’s picturesque coastline, while thanks to the Southern highway the journey can be done in about two hours, though most of the coastline does get bypassed. Walk around Galle and visit a working tea factory as well as a cinnamon plantation. It is also a great destination to take in some local handicrafts. Of course it goes without saying that owing to its amazing coastline it is an idyllic destination for a dream beach holiday.

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