Sri Lanka’s hidden coastal gem

A relatively undiscovered Sri Lanka beach gem is the Passikuda beach that is along the east coast of Sri Lanka in the Batticaloa district. After decades of being basically inaccessible, the east coast of Sri Lanka is now steadily gaining a reputation as an idyllic beach location. Slowly but surely Sri Lanka’s east coast is seeing an increased number of visitors both local and foreign and you too should definitely add Passikuda beach to your travel plans when in Sri Lanka.

Even if normally you are not the biggest beach person, Passikuda will win you over with its swaying palmyra and coconut trees fringing the clear blue waters of the Passikuda Bay. Seriously, it is as if you have stepped into a picture of paradise as the soft sand envelopes your feet in warm comfort. Another great plus point is that the east coast still has an untouched quality to it, where you feel as though you are stepping onto virgin beach. At present it may not be the best place for you if you are looking for luxury Sri Lanka beach resorts, but it is simply spot on if you appreciate simplicity. For a holiday in a basic yet comfortable accommodation, with the beach at your doorstep and home-style cooked meals then do head on over to Passikuda!

Passikuda Bay has cool shallow water which is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. And that coupled with the soft sand for relaxing on have contributed to the area being popular with people seeking complete relaxation. What could be more therapeutic than a refreshing swim and a snooze on the beach? Don’t forget that you will also be eating fresh seafood, an adventure for your palette. If you are looking for a little more activity you can try your hand at kite surfing or go on canoe rides or exploring on a boat. Boogie boarding is ideal if you are looking for something out of the norm. Discover some of Sri Lanka’s history at the Chapel Hill Lighthouse and the Dutch Fort.

If you haven’t considered Passikuda as a holiday destination before, well you should. You are bound to experience one of the best beach holidays ever filled with memories that will never fade. With Inspire Voyages you can enjoy Passikuda in your own style as we can customize your holiday to suit your specific needs. So get in touch with us and experience the sun, sea and surf paradise of Passikuda!


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