Laid back fun in the sun

For affordable Sri Lanka holidays Unawatuna is a good destination. It is a hot spot for Sri Lanka tourism as many travel the world over to indulge in the ultimate beach holiday filled with gentle waves, a sun kissed beach and of course mouth watering cuisine. Unawatuna is about 5km south of the famous Galle city so you can also take in all the Galle attractions as well with ease such as the old Dutch Fort and the local handicraft.  It provides excellent snorkelling and swimming conditions being relatively calm while the golden beach has a lively atmosphere, where different groups mingle with easy camaraderie, inspired by the inviting nature of Unawatuna.

It is actually quite easy to reach Unawatuna with either the scenic route along the main coastal road, which takes about 3 hours or if you want a quicker journey, the less scenic yet more convenient Southern Express Highway. Additionally you could also take the train which runs along the coast.

Being a popular beach resort Unawatuna has everything in place to ensure convenience, from star class to budget accommodation to beachside eateries and shops everything is taken care of. It is definitely a buzzing cheerful location where the emphasis is on having fun. Have a picnic on the beach accompanied by some chilled drinks and maybe a round of beach volleyball. If you prefer lay out a towel in the shade and catch up on some reading or just sleep to the sound of the waves. Try some diving with equipment available for hire as well as diving schools offering lessons. Owing to the coral reef around the area, the underwater world is beautiful to behold, so do take the time to explore.

For additional relaxation go for an herbal massage, with many professional Ayurvedic spas available around the area. Using age old techniques and plant based oils, an Ayurvedic massage helps promote well being and relieve stress.

Sri Lanka’s south coast is a well known and popular beach destination and Unawatuna is no exception. It offers cheap holidays for people looking for fun in the sun. There are many legends surrounding this place and while it has historical value, for the modern traveller it is a place that fulfils all beach holiday requirements. Even if you have other places to visit in mind while holidaying in Sri Lanka, you should definitely add a day or two in Unawatuna to your travel plans. Get in touch with the best tour operators in sri lanka , Inspire Voyages for your own personal Unawatuna holiday experience!


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