Discover the magic of Negombo

From being a traditional fishing town that happened to be close to the Sri Lanka airport, Negombo today has developed into a beach holiday destination of its own right. People now add Negombo to their travel itineraries and with very good reason. It is a fantastic location from which to get a feel for the island as you are welcomed by the warm weather in Sri Lanka and warm hospitality to match.

Negombo is just about 7km from the international airport and has always been considered as a convenient location to recuperate before or after a flight. As mentioned before Negombo is today a major beach resort in the West Coast of Sri Lanka. The area has a variety of holiday accommodation from star class hotels, to budget accommodation to homestays Negombo has something for everyone. It has become a hotspot for Sri Lanka tourism owing to its many attractions such as its small port and the bustling fish market. If you want to see the freshest fish, the Negombo fish market is the place to be.

Don’t worry it is not all about fish! Negombo has a rich colonial past and you can see this in the many ornate Catholic churches that can be found in Negombo. In fact the area has earned the name “Little Rome” owing to these many Portuguese and Roman styled churches. The old Dutch Fort gate is fascinating and has a history that dates back to 1672. Unfortunately today the gate is part of the prison complex and not easily accessible. Visit the Dutch Canal which was once a hub of activity as the main supply route for goods with even people using it to get about.

The Negombo Port, Buddhist temples and the interesting Muthurajawela Marsh off the Negombo Lagoon are other attractions around this lively city. The marsh is the largest marsh land in Sri Lanka and is a unique wetland habitat that will keep nature lover’s enthralled. Definitely not to be forgotten is the lovely Negombo beach. It may not be as popular as its southern counterparts and maybe the infrastructure is not so developed, but it still provides a nice stretch of beach for you to relax on. If you prefer a quieter time on the beach then this is your place.

Inspire Voyages will help you experience Negombo completely and savour every minute you spend there. Get in touch with us for a personalized itinerary that will open up the world of Negombo for you!


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