The paradise island with unique holiday destinations

Come find out why Sri Lanka is referred to as the Paradise Island as you will immediately fall in love with its warm welcoming weather, warm hearted people and amazing attractions. When you read up on the list of amazing places in Sri Lanka in the Lonely Planet article on Top things to do in Sri Lanka you too will be inspired to take your next holiday in Sri Lanka.

The country as a whole is as mentioned before a paradise island but individually too each city has a unique character that will leave you amazed. For instance the capital city of Colombo has nowadays gone beyond just being the commercial hub of the country. Colombo is undergoing infrastructure development that is turning it into an ultra-chic city with cool hangout spots, beautifully landscaped parks, high end eateries, theatres and galleries. Alongside this is Colombo’s everyday locations with local eateries offering cheap and mouth wateringly good food, local bars and street food that is really cheap and really tasty. The city’s colonial past is also evident as you walk around with many being renovated for preservation purposes. You have to make sure that you send some quality time exploring this cosmopolitan capital of Sri Lanka.

From the modern capital city Colombo, travel towards the central region to see the country’s ancient capital cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. You will truly be mesmerized by the sheer brilliance of the ancient Sri Lankan man. The monuments, palaces, temples, manmade lakes, ponds and irrigation systems exemplify the engineering capabilities the country possessed. Walk among the majestic ruins and take time to appreciate a time when things were simpler and the achievements greater. Another interesting place to visit is the palace in the sky, the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. You will find yourself wanting to linger in the landscaped gardens leading to the actual rock. But do make sure that you make your way to climbing the rock as you will have a definite life experience. King Kassapa may have been a megalomaniac but he commissioned a master piece that has been ranked in the list of ‘must see places before you die’.

Sri Lanka is a gem of a holiday destinations and a tour with Inspire Voyage will take you on a magical journey of this magical country that is tiny in size and huge in excitement.



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