Laid back fun in the sun

For affordable Sri Lanka holidays Unawatuna is a good destination. It is a hot spot for Sri Lanka tourism as many travel the world over to indulge in the ultimate beach holiday filled with gentle waves, a sun kissed beach and of course mouth watering cuisine. Unawatuna is about 5km south of the famous Galle city so you can also take in all the Galle attractions as well with ease such as the old Dutch Fort and the local handicraft.  It provides excellent snorkelling and swimming conditions being relatively calm while the golden beach has a lively atmosphere, where different groups mingle with easy camaraderie, inspired by the inviting nature of Unawatuna.

It is actually quite easy to reach Unawatuna with either the scenic route along the main coastal road, which takes about 3 hours or if you want a quicker journey, the less scenic yet more convenient Southern Express Highway. Additionally you could also take the train which runs along the coast.

Being a popular beach resort Unawatuna has everything in place to ensure convenience, from star class to budget accommodation to beachside eateries and shops everything is taken care of. It is definitely a buzzing cheerful location where the emphasis is on having fun. Have a picnic on the beach accompanied by some chilled drinks and maybe a round of beach volleyball. If you prefer lay out a towel in the shade and catch up on some reading or just sleep to the sound of the waves. Try some diving with equipment available for hire as well as diving schools offering lessons. Owing to the coral reef around the area, the underwater world is beautiful to behold, so do take the time to explore.

For additional relaxation go for an herbal massage, with many professional Ayurvedic spas available around the area. Using age old techniques and plant based oils, an Ayurvedic massage helps promote well being and relieve stress.

Sri Lanka’s south coast is a well known and popular beach destination and Unawatuna is no exception. It offers cheap holidays for people looking for fun in the sun. There are many legends surrounding this place and while it has historical value, for the modern traveller it is a place that fulfils all beach holiday requirements. Even if you have other places to visit in mind while holidaying in Sri Lanka, you should definitely add a day or two in Unawatuna to your travel plans. Get in touch with the best tour operators in sri lanka , Inspire Voyages for your own personal Unawatuna holiday experience!


Sri Lanka’s hidden coastal gem

A relatively undiscovered Sri Lanka beach gem is the Passikuda beach that is along the east coast of Sri Lanka in the Batticaloa district. After decades of being basically inaccessible, the east coast of Sri Lanka is now steadily gaining a reputation as an idyllic beach location. Slowly but surely Sri Lanka’s east coast is seeing an increased number of visitors both local and foreign and you too should definitely add Passikuda beach to your travel plans when in Sri Lanka.

Even if normally you are not the biggest beach person, Passikuda will win you over with its swaying palmyra and coconut trees fringing the clear blue waters of the Passikuda Bay. Seriously, it is as if you have stepped into a picture of paradise as the soft sand envelopes your feet in warm comfort. Another great plus point is that the east coast still has an untouched quality to it, where you feel as though you are stepping onto virgin beach. At present it may not be the best place for you if you are looking for luxury Sri Lanka beach resorts, but it is simply spot on if you appreciate simplicity. For a holiday in a basic yet comfortable accommodation, with the beach at your doorstep and home-style cooked meals then do head on over to Passikuda!

Passikuda Bay has cool shallow water which is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. And that coupled with the soft sand for relaxing on have contributed to the area being popular with people seeking complete relaxation. What could be more therapeutic than a refreshing swim and a snooze on the beach? Don’t forget that you will also be eating fresh seafood, an adventure for your palette. If you are looking for a little more activity you can try your hand at kite surfing or go on canoe rides or exploring on a boat. Boogie boarding is ideal if you are looking for something out of the norm. Discover some of Sri Lanka’s history at the Chapel Hill Lighthouse and the Dutch Fort.

If you haven’t considered Passikuda as a holiday destination before, well you should. You are bound to experience one of the best beach holidays ever filled with memories that will never fade. With Inspire Voyages you can enjoy Passikuda in your own style as we can customize your holiday to suit your specific needs. So get in touch with us and experience the sun, sea and surf paradise of Passikuda!

Crazy fun in the sun

Beach lovers actually travel to Sri Lanka to experience the famous Bentota and Hikkaduwa beaches, which have developed personalities all of their own. These can basically be referred to as the very first Sri Lanka beach resorts. Hikka as it is fondly called and Bentota have a well developed infrastructure that includes a range of hotels and beach accommodation from star class to boutique to budget.

Seriously, when you holiday in Hikkaduwa and Bentota you can forget about the rest of the world as you enjoy these best beach holiday destinations. They more than deliver on the fun factor with soft sandy inviting beaches, a host of water activities and of course the freshest seafood! Bentota and Hikka are hubs of activity from beach fun to night time partying with events such as the Hikka Fest that rock throughout the night. International DJs, enticing food and drinks, a throbbing party atmosphere, it is no wonder people travel the world over for endless days of partying. Another fun thing to do in Hikkaduwa is to go on a glass bottom boat ride to see up close the beautiful coral reef around the area. If you prefer a more personal experience then try snorkelling among the reef and swim with the colourful fish in a magical underwater world.  Divers too are in for a treat with the shipwreck or two that the area lays claim to. Hikka is also a great place to try your hand at some surfing as the conditions are good.

Do not despair though if you think you have to be constantly on the go when you are on  Sri Lanka beach holidays. You can simply find your perfect spot, lie down and soak up the sun while the sound of the lapping waves serenade you. Allow your mind to enter complete calm only disturbed when you take a sip from your chilled beer or cocktail. Feast on the best seafood as the cool sea breeze brushes against your skin. Bentota and Hikkaduwa also have a range of boutiques and souvenir shops that are usually open to the wee hours of the morning, so that you can easily pick up gifts and mementoes.

No matter if you are a backpacker, a budget vacationer or a luxury seeker Bentota and Hikkaduwa promise to deliver you a beach holiday of a lifetime. You will find yourself returning time and time again to experience the sun, sand and surf. Get in touch with Inspire Voyage to start planning your holiday today and have all your travel plans taken care of.

Taking a trip back in time in Galle

A holiday in Sri Lanka would not be complete without a visit to Galle. It is mostly known as the location of the UNESCO Designated World Heritage Site, the historic Galle Fort. It is a well preserved historical functioning city that takes you back in time as you enter through the arched gateway. While you do immediately sense the city’s historic importance you are also instantly aware that it is a functioning city that thrives in the modern world. It feels like its own cosy community with its quaint shops, administrative offices, courts and restaurants. You will feel the appeal of the Galle Fort as life works to a different beat, with many of the original houses being converted into boutique hotels.

Galle Sri Lanka plays an important role in Sri Lanka tourism as both foreign and local tourists make the effort to visit this fascinating city. It was once the main port of Sri Lanka which was why both the Portuguese and the Dutch fortified it as a place of importance and owing to its natural location. It is said that its history goes back to the time of King Solomon, who used the port to transport his loot. The influences of the Colonial period are very evident throughout the well planned fort area, with its well paved walkways, churches and Dutch style houses. The fort wall was made with solid granite and contains three bastions of sun, moon and star. It is only when the British during their time gave the Galle Fort more of an administrative role that the use of the port declined.

For beach holidays Galle is ideal as the city is along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The Galle International Cricket Stadium throbs with life when cricket matches are held there. It is the capital of the southern province and is a main exporter of coconut oil and fibre, as well as tea and rubber. It is lovely to travel to Galle by train taking in the island’s picturesque coastline, while thanks to the Southern highway the journey can be done in about two hours, though most of the coastline does get bypassed. Walk around Galle and visit a working tea factory as well as a cinnamon plantation. It is also a great destination to take in some local handicrafts. Of course it goes without saying that owing to its amazing coastline it is an idyllic destination for a dream beach holiday.

Get in touch with Inspire Voyage and we will help you plan your perfect Galle holiday. Just let us know your requirements and we will take of the rest

Sun, sand, surfing and serenity in Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is a beach paradise and the place for a beach bum to hang out. Seriously this laidback Sri Lanka beach location delivers on everything you would expect of an idyllic seaside holiday. Arugam Bay has been named among some of the best places for surfing, which is why you will find both experts and novices alike riding the waves. You can try your hand at it as well if you are a first timer. There are impromptu lessons available as well while it is quite easy to hire surfing equipment in the area.

If surfing is not your thing there is absolutely nothing to worry about as this lovely moon-shaped bay is within itself perfect capable of keeping your satisfied. The powdery soft sand is warm to the touch and invites you to leave your cares behind and simply soak up the sun. Arugam Bay is the sort of place where you can spend the day on the beach or in a shady hammock, just sipping chilled beer and eating mouth watering seafood as the sound of the waves serenade you. Conveniently everything lies along a single road that runs parallel to the coastline. The simple infrastructure ensures that your creature comforts are taken care off with minimum fuss. The simple beachfront guesthouses and restaurants offer great services for those looking for simplicity rather than luxury. You will not find throbbing beach parties filled with masses of people, but you will find serenity.

Arugam Bay has a host of other attractions besides its amazing beach. It about 45 minutes away from the popular Yala National Park where nature lovers can binge on the amazing wildlife that calls the park home. Wild elephants, to sloth bears, sambar, crocodile and the leopards to mention just a few. Other interesting places not too far away include the Lahugala National Park which is also home to wild elephants and the Kumana Bird Sanctuary. It is well known as a natural habitat for thousands of migratory birds. If you would like to take in some history then while in Lahugala visit the Magul Maha Viharaya which is a historic temple that dates as far back as the 2nd Century BC.

You will definitely enjoy some of the best beach holidays while in Arugambay. So make a point to come on over to Arugam Bay and see why people rave about this east coast beach area that maybe still developing infrastructure wise but delivers more than expected. Inspire Voyages can help you organize your Arugam Bay holiday so that all you have to do is select your best beachwear!!

Discover the magic of Negombo

From being a traditional fishing town that happened to be close to the Sri Lanka airport, Negombo today has developed into a beach holiday destination of its own right. People now add Negombo to their travel itineraries and with very good reason. It is a fantastic location from which to get a feel for the island as you are welcomed by the warm weather in Sri Lanka and warm hospitality to match.

Negombo is just about 7km from the international airport and has always been considered as a convenient location to recuperate before or after a flight. As mentioned before Negombo is today a major beach resort in the West Coast of Sri Lanka. The area has a variety of holiday accommodation from star class hotels, to budget accommodation to homestays Negombo has something for everyone. It has become a hotspot for Sri Lanka tourism owing to its many attractions such as its small port and the bustling fish market. If you want to see the freshest fish, the Negombo fish market is the place to be.

Don’t worry it is not all about fish! Negombo has a rich colonial past and you can see this in the many ornate Catholic churches that can be found in Negombo. In fact the area has earned the name “Little Rome” owing to these many Portuguese and Roman styled churches. The old Dutch Fort gate is fascinating and has a history that dates back to 1672. Unfortunately today the gate is part of the prison complex and not easily accessible. Visit the Dutch Canal which was once a hub of activity as the main supply route for goods with even people using it to get about.

The Negombo Port, Buddhist temples and the interesting Muthurajawela Marsh off the Negombo Lagoon are other attractions around this lively city. The marsh is the largest marsh land in Sri Lanka and is a unique wetland habitat that will keep nature lover’s enthralled. Definitely not to be forgotten is the lovely Negombo beach. It may not be as popular as its southern counterparts and maybe the infrastructure is not so developed, but it still provides a nice stretch of beach for you to relax on. If you prefer a quieter time on the beach then this is your place.

Inspire Voyages will help you experience Negombo completely and savour every minute you spend there. Get in touch with us for a personalized itinerary that will open up the world of Negombo for you!

The paradise island with unique holiday destinations

Come find out why Sri Lanka is referred to as the Paradise Island as you will immediately fall in love with its warm welcoming weather, warm hearted people and amazing attractions. When you read up on the list of amazing places in Sri Lanka in the Lonely Planet article on Top things to do in Sri Lanka you too will be inspired to take your next holiday in Sri Lanka.

The country as a whole is as mentioned before a paradise island but individually too each city has a unique character that will leave you amazed. For instance the capital city of Colombo has nowadays gone beyond just being the commercial hub of the country. Colombo is undergoing infrastructure development that is turning it into an ultra-chic city with cool hangout spots, beautifully landscaped parks, high end eateries, theatres and galleries. Alongside this is Colombo’s everyday locations with local eateries offering cheap and mouth wateringly good food, local bars and street food that is really cheap and really tasty. The city’s colonial past is also evident as you walk around with many being renovated for preservation purposes. You have to make sure that you send some quality time exploring this cosmopolitan capital of Sri Lanka.

From the modern capital city Colombo, travel towards the central region to see the country’s ancient capital cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. You will truly be mesmerized by the sheer brilliance of the ancient Sri Lankan man. The monuments, palaces, temples, manmade lakes, ponds and irrigation systems exemplify the engineering capabilities the country possessed. Walk among the majestic ruins and take time to appreciate a time when things were simpler and the achievements greater. Another interesting place to visit is the palace in the sky, the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. You will find yourself wanting to linger in the landscaped gardens leading to the actual rock. But do make sure that you make your way to climbing the rock as you will have a definite life experience. King Kassapa may have been a megalomaniac but he commissioned a master piece that has been ranked in the list of ‘must see places before you die’.

Sri Lanka is a gem of a holiday destinations and a tour with Inspire Voyage will take you on a magical journey of this magical country that is tiny in size and huge in excitement.